Where Will Jimmy Garoppolo Be In The 2017 Season?

The Patriots are in a good place heading into the offseason. They are coming off the greatest comeback victory possibly in sporting history to beat the Falcons in Super Bowl LI and Tom Brady is 39 years old and playing like he is 25 years old.

The current starting Patriots QB is showing no signs of slowing down and is not remotely interested in retiring. Jacoby Brissett with work could be a decent backup quarterback which leaves Jimmy Garoppolo heading into the final year of his rookie contract in a very tradable position. There are a lot of teams short in the QB position and Garoppolo has been winning praise from several corners.

In his tenure with the Patriots there has not been a huge amount seen from Jimmy, he has been thrown in at the end of games where the Pats are blowing out opposition but at the end of last season he finally got a break with Brady suspended for 4 games and he took full advantage of his chance.

Garoppolo shined in the starting position, he looked comfortable and in Week 1 of the season he completed 24 of 33 passing attempts for 264 yards with one touchdown. The following week he completed 18 of 26 passing attempts for 232 yards with three touchdowns but unfortunately he was injured in the second quarter and was forced to miss the next two games before Brady came back.

Now New England has to decide on what they want to do, should they hang on to Jimmy as insurance for when Brady retires or is it time to cash in while he is in demand? With a number of teams appearing to be interested, there is a good chance that the Patriots will seek out a first round pick which to be honest is a bit high.

Despite what we have seen from Garoppolo so far, he has looked good but he is still an unproven quarterback and whoever goes in will have to take a gamble that he may or may not be the real thing. Three of the teams which keep coming up are the Browns, Bears and 49ers.

The Bears have the third overall pick in the draft but they could make a move for a combination of second round and third round picks. The 49ers have the second pick in the draft and ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that the Patriots are asking for a first round and fourth round pick as compensation. It is a hefty price and it would be crazy to trade down the second overall pick for an unproven QB. Again, a package of picks may seem tempting to the Pats which would leave the 49ers in a position to keep the second overall pick.

The Browns are in a somewhat stronger position. They have the number 1 overall pick in the draft, now we can forget about that. The Pats won’t get the number 1 pick in the draft for Jimmy, it would be craziness. However, the Browns also have pick number 12 and they have pick number 33 which is the first pick in the second round. Pick number 12 is still pretty high for Jimmy G but quarterbacks lead teams to Super Bowls and some people believe that he may have the right stuff to get it done.

Ex Browns QB Josh McCown has had praise for Garoppolo and points out that being in New England for the past number of years means he will have gained a wealth of experience from Tom Brady and the coaching staff in New England. If the Browns were to give up the number 12 pick then they will need to be right about Garoppolo or it will be an expensive mistake. He will be an unrestricted free agent after 2017 and will be looking for a hefty salary.


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