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What Do The Texans Do Now?

Tony Romo is stepping away from football to replace Phil Simms as an analyst on CBS which leaves us all just wondering one thing…what the hell do the Texans do now?

There is a problem at the quarterback position for the Texans and with Romo retiring there are not a whole lot of options left on the table. The first move of sorting out the mess was releasing Osweiler and getting out of that contract.

The next step seemed to be waiting until the Cowboys released Romo so they could sign him as a free agent. Lets face it, teams would have been nuts to go in and trade for Romo despite the Cowboys holding out and hoping for a trade. However, had he been cut by the Cowboys he would have been a welcome veteran QB for a number of teams.

However what they didn’t seem to take into account was Romo stepping away from the game for good and he has decided to do that with “99% certainty” that he won’t play again. He will join CBS as an analyst.

The two teams heavily connected with Romo were the Broncos and Texans, in fact it was all gearing up to be a battle to sign Romo and they were just waiting for him to be cut. The Broncos are not as in too bad a spot, they have Siemian who although he is young and needs more experience, he has shown he can be solid with good protection. If they can get a strong stable O-line in there he could be okay.

Texans on the other hand move forward with Tom Savage. He has spent four years with Bill O Brien and is good physically however he shows a lack of experience in reading defenses, there are also question marks over injuries. Savage say out the 2015 season with a shoulder injury and missed the playoffs last season with a concussion.

Aside from Savage there are some veterans floating around out there but nothing spectacular for the Texans. Kaepernick is struggling to find a home anywhere, teams seem to be fed up with his behaviour and nobody wants to commit to him despite the fact he has the talent to take a team to the Super Bowl. Ryan Fitzpatrick was cut by the Jets this offseason and could be the best option which speaks volumes for the limited quarterback talent on the market.

There doesn’t seem to be much hope of a Savage upgrade which means if Savage crumbles next season then Bill O Brien could be looking for a new job inside the coming year.


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