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[UPDATE] Tony Romo Retires From Football

[UPDATED] : Tony Romo has officially retired from football, he was reportedly set to be released on Tuesday from the Cowboys and word is that there was interest from at least one playoff ready team. Sources have indicated he could be signing with CBS to replace Phil Simms next season. Ian Rapoport first broke the news on Good Morning Football:

Tony Romo made the decision after this comes out, after consulting with those close to him, after examining his body and looking at where he is in his career, he decided to step away from football and embrace one of the broadcasting opportunities that he’s had for some time,”

FROM EARLIER – Tony Romo has reportedly been given permission to work out with any team in the NFL as the Cowboys hope to facilitate a trade deal for him. Romo will be permitted to work out with teams but will not be permitted to talk about signing Romo in free agency should he be released.

Despite this, reports indicate that the Texans and Broncos still do not intend on inviting Romo in to work out with the team. Romo was expected to be released at the start of free agency however he remains on the Cowboy roster despite a $24.7 million cap hit to the team and owner Jerry Jones is keen on trading him as opposed to allowing him go in free agency.

Romo is resigned to his fate as he posted a goodbye on Instagram nearly a month ago, chances are Jones will want to try and move Romo before the upcoming NFL draft. Holding on to Romo now is simply delaying the inevitable, despite not appearing to be interested in Romo – the Texans and Broncos would probably be the best fit.

They could be holding off knowing that at some point Dallas is going to have to make a move. Sure, they would like to trade Romo in an ideal world but if teams are patient enough to back off and wait then there is a high chance that a deal won’t be necessary and they could fight for him should Dallas be resigned to releasing him onto the open market.


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