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St. Louis Files Lawsuit Against NFL And 32 Teams Over Relocation

The NFL has one major lawsuit on its hands. The City of St. Louis and County of St. Louis have filed a lawsuit against the NFL and each of its 32 franchises claiming that they illegally approved the relocation of the Rams from St. Louis to LA in 2016.

The lawsuit alleges that NFL bylaws were ignored and that the league green-lighted the Rams move despite failing to “satisfy the obligations imposed by the league’s relocation rules” and the fact that relocation “was not supported by the required statement of reasons or the adopted relocation standards.”

The suit lists the NFL, all 32 teams and their respective owners plus managers of each of the teams local facilities. They are seeking damages and restitution of profits from the past 15 months. They claim that since the move they have lost an estimated $1.85 million to $3.5 million in ticket tax revenue, $7.5 million in property tax and $1.4 million in sales tax.

NFL relocation bylaws were established in 1984 following a number of relocations. The relocation rules state that teams must work in good faith to keep franchises at home first before seeking to move elsewhere. The suit claims that the NFL and alleged parties ignored the relocation bylaws and that false statements were made regarding the teams intent and effort to engage in good faith negotiations with St. Louis.

There has been a recent flurry of relocations. The Rams to LA, the Chargers also to LA and now the Raiders to Las Vegas. With a lawsuit on the table over the Rams move, there is a chance that two more could follow especially if St. Louis manages to get something from the lawsuit.

Oakland and San Diego could follow in their footsteps and file their own suits against the league, lets fact it, when a big sports franchise is relocated then that city or state is bound to take a hit and lose money from it.


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