Richard Sherman Asked Seahawks To Trade Him

Richard Sherman has been a leader in the Seahawks secondary for years now and the subject of trade rumours in recent days. New reports suggest that Sherman asked to be traded.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter said the following when he was on SportsCenter on Friday, “It has been my understanding all along that Richard Sherman was the one who initiated this. He was the one that wanted to be traded initially. The Seahawks were obliging him and his request.”

Seahawks general manager John Schneider confirmed last Wednesday that trade talks involving Sherman have indeed taken place.

“I think we’re a very unique organization in that regard. We have a great relationship with a lot of our players. There’s very much an openness. What you’ve seen lately in the news is real. That’s on both sides. It’s just open communication. He knows what’s going on. We know what’s going on. I don’t know if anything would ever happen. But like I tell people all the time, 98 percent of the deals that we’re involved with, we don’t follow through with. But at least we’ve opened that door, gone down the road and seen what’s behind door A or door B.”

For Seattle, it will be all about getting their money worth now and Richard Sherman will command a big deal. Seattle will ideally be looking for a very good player and a high draft pick for Sherman. The asking price is understandable considering that Sherman has been an elite NFL corner for several seasons now.

He has been named to four Pro Bowls and has 30 career interceptions which is the most in the NFL for that time period.

A number of teams have now been linked to a trade deal of course. The Colts have room for Sherman and need all the help they can get on defense. They have the money to take the cap hit but Ballard is clearly not looking for quick fix moves, he wants to mold the roster through the draft and the Seahawks want picks for Sherman.

The Chargers have also been mentioned around Sherman, they hold the 38th pick in the draft which could be interesting to Seattle if no better offers come their way. Questions over whether they would be willing to extend his contract but it could be a boost for the team on its way to LA next season.

The Cowboys would be a good fit for Sherman, with a bit of restructuring they could free up the cap space needed. The Seahawks and Cowboys spent a lot of defensive snaps playing with a safety in the middle of the field last year using either a Cover 1 or Cover 3. He could be the difference maker in the Cowboys making a Super Bowl run or not.

Finally the Patriots, they were linked to Seattle and Sherman in recent weeks with Malcolm Butler still not signed to a tender or contract. They are not expected to pursue Sherman however after signing free agent Stephon Gilmore. There is also speculation that the Patriots and Butler have re-opened communication and a lack of news from New Orleans is leading reporters to believe Butler may be staying in New England. Also to take into account is that the Patriots simply won’t have the bargaining chips to hand in the upcoming draft, they traded the first rounder for Cooks and are off the board for the first and second round.


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