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Rebranding Our Instagram Page

Just a little note based around some site news, we have rebranded our Instagram page from “In The Red Zone” to something different called “Gridiron.”

When we launched the Instagram page it was seen as a way of providing a link back to content from a social channel but we were unhappy with how the content was progressing over there and how it was being developed and distributed through Instagram. It felt like a chore and just felt spammy.

So we decided to strip it back and just do something fun, the account bio links back to In The Red Zone but the individual posts are not specifically linking to stories running here. They are a mix of little snippets of information and news going on around the league as well as just random questions around players and teams.

Basically stripped down to just a bit of fun and much more laid back before with less of an emphasis of pushing people here. The Instagram page is seen as a separate project which will maintain connections to In The Red Zone and we are excited to see how this approach will develop and grow.

You can find the new Instagram page at the link below.



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