Ravens Safety Tony Jefferson Checked Out How He Looked In Madden Before Free Agent Decision

When you hit the market as a free agent who is in demand there are things you need to consider before deciding where you go next. Players will look at situations their own way, some will look at their chances of winning a Super Bowl ring. Some will look at a big pay day, some will even consider what the weather is like in a state before deciding.

Former Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson used Madden to see what he would look like in various team uniforms before deciding where he would go next. Apart from how much money he was going to make and what his best chances to win would be, he also wanted to make sure he looked good in the uniform.

The 25 year old former free agent turned to his gaming console, fired up Madden and tried a bunch of different uniforms in the game.

“I am a guy of swagger, so I gotta check the swag at all points before I make a decision, I put myself in different uniforms on Madden to see what will look better. Ravens did look good, though.”

The safety did also point out his favourite combination. “Black on blacks, no question, those [uniforms] are their best combination.”

Of course we can imagine there were other factors that went into his decision but now players can even see what they are going to look like before they get ready for the first game of the preseason.


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