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Patriots Will Move Garoppolo But Only If The Price Is Right

The New England Patriots are open to trading Jimmy Garoppolo but only if the price is right. Garoppolo will be an unrestricted free agent in 2018 and reports last week had indicated that the Patriots had no plans of trading him. Well it turns out that they would be open to a trade but at the right price, so if you want him then clearly it is going to cost.

Garoppolo was the Patriots second round pick in 2014 and has spent three seasons as backup to Tom Brady, he got the most extended playing time when Brady was suspended at the start of last season and he has been popular with the fans.

Last year he threw for 502 yards and 4 touchdowns in six games, two of them he started. Brady is now 39 years old and he wants to play three to five more years if he can. The Patriots will allow him to play for as long as he can so the question is, where does that leave Jimmy?

Garoppolo has spoken about the trade rumours and had the following to say to the Boston Globe:

“For the most part, I’m just trying to stay level-headed, I’m trying not to think about it or overthink it too much. At the end of the day, I’m still under contract. It’s not my decision if I get traded or if I don’t. I’m just trying to take it all in stride.”

Basically, the Patriots are under no pressure to trade Garoppolo, they clearly don’t mind if he stays one more year and then is allowed to walk as an unrestricted free agent next year. He is fantastic insurance if Brady’s age starts to show and lets face it, that could happen any moment.

Brady may have played in Super Bowl LI like he was 25 years old but he could go off the cliff pretty fast at this age in his career and having Jimmy around in case that happens next season would be favourable to the Pats. On top of that, the don’t have to let him walk next off season if they really don’t want to. The Patriots don’t typically use the franchise tag all that much but if it came down to it I wouldn’t be surprised to see them tag Garoppolo.

Its a smart move by the Pats and clearly their hand won’t be forced, if someone wants to get Garoppolo this offseason it will cost them a hefty price and the reality is that despite the fact he has trained under Brady in NE, he is still largely unproven at this level.


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