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Patriots Game Winning Super Bowl LI Ball Found, Still No Sign Of Brady’s Jersey

Amid chaotic scenes in the aftermath of Super Bowl LI in Texas, two important pieces of memorabilia went missing. The game winning ball and Tom Brady’s jersey both vanished after the Patriots stormed back to beat the Falcons in overtime.

James White told ESPN the day after the Super Bowl win that he forgot to keep hold of the ball and left it on the goal line when he scored the game winning touchdown. Luckily for White an equipment assistant scooped the ball up and the Patriots are now displaying it at their Hall of Fame.

Pretty impressive that while all the celebrations are going on there is a member of staff whose job it is to retrieve that football. According to a spokesperson for the team this is normal protocol but unfortunately the same can’t be said for Tom Brady’s jersey.

The quarterback was shown in the locker room after the Super Bowl convinced that he put his jersey in his bag but it mysteriously vanished. Now there is a lot going on after a Super Bowl win, players are hugging each other, selfies for Instagram and general madness in celebration and media. The jersey could indeed have been swiped which seems to be the case or it could have wound up in a laundry basket.

Either way Tom is convinced that someone removed it from his bag and the jersey is yet to be found. Now there is a reward on offer as the Houston Police department are involved with the jersey suspected to be worth up to $500,000 due to its significance.

Keep an eye on eBay just in case you see someone trying to sell a ‘slightly worn’ Super Bowl LI jersey.


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