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Marshawn Lynch Drops Hint About Coming Out Of Retirement For Raiders

Marshawn Lynch has possibly dropped a hint that he may be open to coming out of retirement. When he left the game in 2015 he did it with a simple tweet – a photo of cleats dangling over a telephone line and a ‘peace out’ emoji. On Saturday night he retweeted a tweet noting that one of his old playlists has a song called Oakland Raiders. Subtle hint or are people simply reading too much into it?

The rumour going around now is that Lynch may come out of retirement to play for the Raiders, but there are a number of things that would need to take place before that happens. It is not simply a case of Lynch announcing he is back and then suiting up for the Raiders, hell it may not even happen at all.

For starters, there are two years left on his Seahawks contract and should he return the contract will simply pick up where it left off. He would have to apply for reinstatement from the NFL and be placed back on Seattle’s roster. The Seahawks and Raiders would then have to work out a trade for the player unless the Seahawks decided to just release Lynch and not carry the $9 million cap hit for 2017.

Seattle may also ask Lynch to repay $2.5 million of the $7.5 million bonus he received in 2015. Teams don’t have to ask for repayment of bonuses but there are reports that Seattle told Lynch they wouldn’t ask for any of the bonus back on the assumption that he stayed retired.

What motivation would Lynch have to come back to the game? Well the Raiders are his hometown and that is why he would be interested in playing for them. Adding fuel to the fire was Raiders punter Marquette King who tweeted a photo of someone taking cleats down off a telephone wire and directed the tweet at Beast Mode himself.



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