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Los Angeles Chargers Start Workouts In San Diego

The sign may still say “San Diego Chargers” on the front on the building but the players on the field were Los Angeles Chargers and it was one of those odd situations from relocation of a football team that you can’t help but laugh about. The Chargers may be off to LA for next season but for now they are still working out in the place they called home for 56 seasons.

The Chargers have had two dreadful seasons and there is a lot of work ahead. They have to prepare for a new temporary home in LA for the next two years, players need to adjust to a new coaching staff and players also need to decide what they want to do going forward as the team prepares to move.

Tight End Antonio Gates is selling his home, Quarterback Philip Rivers is still deciding if he should move his family or suck up the commute, Running Back Melvin Gordon has been looking at home in Orange County.

The Chargers will be in San Diego through June until the lease runs out on Chargers Park and they then relocate to a new home in Costa Mesa. Rivers says that for now it feels like any other offseason programme but has no doubts that guys will be emotional in a few weeks when they finally leave Charger Park for the last time.

“This is where we’ve spent all our time over the last 13 years. This is where I’ve spent more hours, next to my house, has been right here, I think the tail end of this program will be emotional in the sense of how many hours and how many balls and how many times you’ve practiced on this field and how many balls you’ve thrown and all those things.”



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