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Jimmy Garoppolo Posts Goodbye To New England

Standby, there could be big trade news coming. Jimmy Garoppolo has posted a cryptic goodbye to New England fans on Instagram in the past hour.

It seems like a strange time to make such an announcement, he posted at 4am and there is no news on what the trade involves from either the Patriots or any other team at the moment.

Garoppolo has been the center of trade rumours for weeks now and the most noted name attached has been the Browns who are looking to recover from a disastrous season. It was reported by Ian Rapoport yesterday that the Browns were ready to make a run at Jimmy and he added that the Patriots would prefer not to trade the quarterback.

However, everyone has a price and so the question really is just how much has been paid? Are New England going to secure a high pick in the first round of the upcoming draft. Multiple sources yesterday were indicating that the Patriots would look for the number 1 pick in the upcoming draft and nothing less, sounds crazy right?

Well it kinda is crazy for a quarterback who has shown flashes of talent but is still largely unproven. He has spent years now as Tom Brady’s understudy and that will be enough for teams to want him, but at what cost? If the Browns do decide to trade the number 1 pick for Jimmy it would be a huge gamble. More likely is that the Patriots could strike a deal with Cleveland to take the 12th pick in the upcoming draft.

We will be keeping you up to date with the story as it unfolds today.


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