Jets To Release Brandon Marshall

The New York Jets will release WR Brandon Marshall this offseason. Marshall has reportedly requested the release in order to find a “better fit” and given that the Jets are so tight on cap space it is hardly a surprise that they have complied as they seek to start their rebuilding project.

Marshall took to Instagram to than fans and the New York media.

I want to thank Mr. Woody Johnson, Todd Bowles, Mike Maccagnan and Brian Heimerdinger for bringing me in and embracing me. They are all truly incredible people. My teammates, such a great group of guys whom I will miss like #Crazy 💚 And to all the great people that make it easy for us players to do what we do best. Clay Thank You. Jackie Thank You. Montelle Thank You. Szott Thank You. Jarred, Eric, Bruce, Nick, Meghan, Jesse Thank You. Andrew, Vito, Jim, Gus Thank You. John, Dave, Ezron, Greg, thank you. D you know you can cook…. Thank You. Justus, Aaron, George, Kevan thanks MeatHeads 🏋🏿‍♀️. Juan and Reynaldo I've never seen a facility so clean… Thank You. The New York media — Manish, Kimberly, Rich, Brian, and so many more on the Beat — they weren't nearly as scary as everyone told me they would be. I think you guys are people after all 😂. I actually cherished the media– so much so that I have even become a part of it. I want to especially thank the incredibly loyal Jets fans, who were always there for us with their never-ending support. I'm sorry……I'm sorry we couldn't bring you a championship, but I wish you and my former organization the very best in your pursuit for one in the future. I'm looking forward to finding a great organization where I can contribute and bring home a championship. I know I have a lot left to give, and @michi_marshall and I will truly miss the Jets, but we are excited for what lies ahead. #MindOverMatter

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Marshall is now 32 years old and has spent the last two seasons with the Jets. He posted his worst full season numbers since his rookie year with 59 receptions, 788 yards and 3 touchdowns in 2016. He wasn’t alone as Ryan Fitzpatrick posted his career-worst numbers and the replacements not doing much better, this always seemed to be on the cards.

The Jets will save $7.5 million in cap space and there was speculation at one point he may take a pay cut to stay in New York but it proved not to be the case. He has been a divisive character in the locker room and had strained relationships before leaving Chicago with quarterback Jay Cutler and also Sheldon Richardson in New York.

There is no indication on where he may end up next but he is another big name veteran to add to the free agency pot.


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