After Going 3-13 Last Season, Bears Raise Ticket Prices

Last season the Bears slumped to 3-13, but as if that wasn’t painful enough for the fans to actually experience, they have announced ticket prices for the upcoming season which have gone up. The Bears will be raising prices for the majority of ticket holders in Soldier Field.

This comes despite the fact that tens of thousands of tickets were left unused during the second half of last season. It will be the first time that some tickets go up since 2014. All sections of the stadium will have a price adjustment of some kind so basically no ticket will be the same price for next year.

Now for the good news, some of the tickets will actually go down in price. The bad news is that most of them are going up and the increase will range from 1% to 4% while club seats will go up 2% on average.

For Bears fans it is a kick in the teeth after a horrific season. Last year was the worst season for the Bears since 1978 and while there are economic realities for each franchise to face, the first ticket hike in three years after a 3-13 season is hardly going to be a welcome move for many fans. Compare this to the Cleveland Browns who have just announced they are cutting ticket prices by 40% after last season.

The Bears have been struggling for the past number of seasons now. From the 2013 finale through to this season just finished the Bears have gone 6-19 at home and they have the worst home record of any team over the past three seasons.

Add in to all this the dramatic downturn in attendance last year at Soldier Field in the second half of the season and the move makes even less sense. 39,837 people attended the final game of the season against the Redskins which meant that 21,633 seats were left empty. A week before that was the Packers game where the attendance was 44,601 which left 16,536 seats empty, and on Dec 4th they faced the 49ers where there was an attendance of 46.622 which left 13,160 tickets not used.

As the season went on the number of fans deciding not to attend was gradually rising. The Bears will continue with their variable pricing scheme for the upcoming season and tickets will sell. Bears fans are loyal but just how patient will they be if the performances on the field continue they way they have been so far.


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