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[UPDATED] Eric Berry And The Chiefs Are On A Collision Course

Eric Berry played under the franchise tag in Kansas last season. He wasn’t happy about it and the way things are shaping up he could get tagged again this year too which would setup a showdown that sees the Chiefs and Berry come head to head over what happens next.

Berry and his agent are trying to work on a long term deal with the Chiefs however Berry has come out and said that he isn’t getting his “hopes up” for that contract to actually be placed on the table. Talking about the current contract situation this year, Berry said:

“I’m going to keep being patient because you never know, last year I thought one thing and it didn’t happen. So I’m not getting my hopes up; I’m looking at it logically.”

Berry has made his opinion on the matter clear, he didn’t want to play under the franchise tag last season and he has told the Kansas City Star at the Super Bowl that he won’t be playing under the franchise tag again if the Chiefs decide to use it on him this year.

Despite being unhappy with the tag last year he turned in an All-Pro performance and made it to the Pro Bowl. He finished the season with 77 tackles, contributed to 4 interceptions and two of them he returned for scores. So it is clear why the Chiefs want to hold on to him, but Berry wants a long term deal.

Reports today are indication that the Chiefs will tag Berry and let DT Poe walk. Poe is also a key component of the defence and the team has until Wednesday to make a final decision for both players. If they do choose to tag Berry you can bet that sparks will be flying.

UPDATE – Reports indicating that Berry and the Chiefs have agreed to a six year contract worth $78 million


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