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Dwayne Allen Traded To Patriots

The New England Patriots have acquired tight end Dwayne Allen from the Colts. The Patriots sent a fourth round draft pick to the Colts and received a sixth rounder in addition to Allen who gave the following statement on the trade via Twitter.

Former Colts linebacker Robert Mathis got real excited at the news, probably a little bit too excited when he thought that the trade included Martellus Bennett, which it does not.

However, that is not to say that Bennett won’t end up in Indy, however he is a free agent and so he will decide his own fate based on the offers that come his way this offseason. The trade for Allen only left New England parting with a fourth round draft pick and nothing more. Once Robert had calmed down a bit he admitted that he had spoken too soon, no problem Robert. We have all been there in the offseason, we know the feeling!

The trade pretty much spells the end of Bennett’s time in New England which to be honest, was as good as over when he was looking for more money. Bennett’s market value is estimated to be at around $6 million annually, however he turned down a deal in December from the Patriots for $7 million annually. He wants a pay day and much respect to him for being clear about it.

For the Patriots, this is a smart move. Allen is not considered to be as good a receiver as Bennett but if they can keep Gronk fit then they don’t need a receiver as good as Bennett. However, Allen is considered to be a better blocker and Bill Belichick loves blockers, I suppose anyone would when you have Tom Brady playing at QB.

While Allen may not be considered to be a fantastic receiver, he is a strong threat in the red zone and if Gronk can indeed stay healthy then having the two side by side would work out well in New England. The down side is that if Gronk gets injured again, it is unlikely that Allen would be as productive as Bennett was in the last year.

Either way, making this trade gives the Patriots with a backup plan at tight end should Bennett decide to walk away in free agency. Allen was one of the Colts players who spoke out about deflategate when news starting buzzing in the first few days after the championship game.




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