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I Had My Doubts, But It Looks Like Raiders Could Be Vegas Bound

At one point it looked as if the whole thing was falling apart and it looked as if there would be a slim chance of the Raiders heading to Las Vegas. Now nothing is certain yet but it turns out that after question marks over relocation fees and stadium issues have been made more workable by the league.

The NFL is heading into is annual league meetings next week and the vote on Vegas is due to take place on Monday. There are multiple reports coming out around the league now that this is basically done and is just waiting for the formal vote.

On Monday night, Mark Davis is expected to be celebrating the next era of the Raiders which will be on the strip in Vegas. There are contingencies involved and there is a good deal of loose ends to be tied up but nothing that seems to be resembling a road block is now standing in the way.

There are concerns over the market in Vegas and there are also concerns with Vegas being so obviously connected to gambling however the feeling now is that this is going to a vote because the 24 votes required are there.

There is also a big question mark over the stadium which won’t be ready until 2019 meaning the Raiders are going to need temporary residence should they end up moving. Bank of America have turned out to be the heros with the new stadium as they stepped in after Adelson walked away around the time of Super Bowl LI.

It is suggested now that billionaire Ed Roski will step in to help with the development and construction requirements of the new stadium as he is well equipped for a project of this magnitude. In relation to how the NFL has helped Mark Davis, well the relocation fee has been set in the range of $325 million to $375 million which is pale in comparison to the $650 million that the Rams and Chargers had to pay for relocation.

Their bags may not be packed yet but there is a good chance that this time next week the Raiders will be on the move towards Vegas.


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