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The Curious Case Of Colin Kaepernick

Support for Colin Kaepernick is growing among players around the NFL. He is still a free agent which is pretty amazing considering he is now by a long shot one of the best quarterbacks available and still nobody seems to be showing an interest.

I have to admit, I thought that someone would have taken him up on a contract by now. Surely there is a team out there who wants Kaepernick?! At the start of the week, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said that Kaepernick’s skill set is a poor fit for his system. Fair enough, but surely someone out there around the NFL wants a player with his skill set?

There are enough times with questions around the quarterback position at the moment to at least try Kaepernick out. Texans, Browns, Jets…they could use a veteran quarterback with the ability to take a team all the way to a Super Bowl.

Players have now started commenting on the situation. Carlos Hyde said this week:

“I am surprised, I’ve seen some quarterbacks [that] got signed that Kap is way better than, in my opinion. But I’m not a GM. I’m not a head coach. So that’s out of my league.”

There are a lot of reasons coming from front offices about why Kaepernick may not be getting signed. Quite simply put, many teams don’t want the negative PR mess that seems to trundle along with him and the baggage that is carried around with signing Kaepernick seems to be so great now that teams would prefer to overlook the skill set.

Brandon Marshall from the Broncos tweeted the following last week:

Marshall participated in the movement that Kaepernick started – kneeling during the national anthem of NFL games in a protest of racial oppression and inequality. It cost Marshall endorsements from The Air Academy Federal Credit Union and CenturyLink.

A decline in football TV ratings last season has been blamed by some on Kaepernick’s movement during the anthem with political motives being brought into football being questioned. While Kaepernick has state he will stand for the anthem this season and will no longer take a knee, it seems that now there is nowhere for him to go anyway.

So fast the decline has been that the Broncos who wanted him last offseason but couldn’t because he was under contract which would involve a total of $14.3 million compensation and a draft pick exchange – a year later and he his available but the Broncos have shown no interest so far.

Some could claim they are backing Lynch as a starter but they were more than just a passive observer in the recent Tony Romo saga so clearly if a veteran they like comes along they would be interested in signing.

The reality is that his reputation has taken such a hit that he remains a free agent and a host of players with inferior resumes have signed with teams ahead of him. Mike Glennon, Brian Hoyer, Geno Smith, Josh McCown, Nick Foles, Chase Daniel, Aaron Murray and Matt Barkley. Maybe someone will pick him up as the season draws closer but for now there is no interest from anywhere and there is a chance that Kaepernick could be sitting out the upcoming 2017 season.


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