Chargers Set Season Ticket Prices For First Season At StubHub In LA

We all know the news by now, Chargers have relocated to LA. Nobody really understands why, when this news first broke a number of weeks ago we were all confused and the general consensus was what it was a kick in the teeth to current San Diego based fans and that LA didn’t want the Chargers anyway.

I mean just look at this piece from the LA Times back in January, could you get a more damning response from the media following the announcement to leave San Diego? The main reason that seems to be surrounding the move is that Qualcomm Stadium no longer suits their needs and the chances of getting a new stadium are slim to none. A very similar situation to what the Rams and Raiders experienced.

But with the Rams having moved back to LA recently, some have pointed out that 30% of the fanbase is from Orange County and that could be a pulling factor if they don’t want those fans converting to a new team like the Rams. San Diego fans however were left saddened and frustrated at the news, the Chargers have little history in LA unless you count 1960 where they drew in an average attendance of 10,000 in a Coliseum that seated 100,000.

The Chargers will play in an intimate setting of the StubHub Center next season which holds around 30,000 people and they have now revealed how much it will cost to watch them play live. The most expensive ticket comes in at more than $150 per game and the cheapest ticket will be $70 per game. The seats at midfield behind the bench come in at a staggering $375 a piece per game. The average cost of a ticket will be $192 at StubHub, the smallest venue in the NFL next year.

To put that in perspective, the Rams who just played their first season at the Coliseum had an average ticket price of $104. The cheapest season ticket last year when the team was still in San Diego was $45 per game. The Chargers are hoping that the “experience” of their temporary home is what will sell tickets to the fans. They are touting the next two seasons at StubHub as a chance to enjoy football from an intimate perspective with seats uncommonly close to the field.

Team president of operations A.J. Spanos expects tickets to sell out fast.

“Playing at StubHub Center is going to offer fans a rare opportunity to see NFL action in a uniquely intimate setting. Every seat at StubHub Center will feel close to the action and fans will be right there with us on every play. Not many venues can make this claim and we expect to sell out quickly.”

The schedule has yet to be released but the Chargers will host Philadelphia, Washington, Buffalo, Cleveland, Miami, Kansas, Oakland and Denver next season. Both the Rams and the Chargers will play the next two seasons in their temporary stadiums before moving in together at Rams owner Stan Kroneke’s $2.6 billion stadium in Inglewood which is expected to be completed in 2019.


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