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Browns Start The Offseason With Osweiler In Attendance

The Browns started their offseason programme yesterday with question marks lingering over the quarterback position. The Browns may decide to make a late run for Jimmy Garoppolo but it looks to be unlikely a trade will happen unless the Browns want to give up the #1 pick in the draft which would be crazy.

Brock Osweiler was in attendance at the opening day of practice yesterday. Players were not available to the media and Osweiler is not expected to be part of the first media session today either. However he will be available to the media at a later date.

Osweiler is currently one of three quarterbacks on the roster along with Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan. The trade from the Browns point of view was really about the second round pick. The Texans clearly believing that trading the second round pick was worth it just to get Osweiler off the roster after relationships turned sour over recent months.

Reports of Osweiler claiming to be held against his will inside the locker room during an argument with Bill O Brien was more than likely the tipping point where the Texans decided to get rid of the QB and they also shed $16 million from his guaranteed 2017 salary.

The Browns were expected to trade or cut Osweiler at first however now it seems they are willing to take a closer look at him. There is a shortage of quarterback talent available at the moment, nobody seems to want Colin Kaepernick and Jimmy Garoppolo is clearly going to cost way over his current potential value as the Pats simply don’t want to trade him.

Maybe they will part ways with Osweiler eventually before the season starts or maybe they have found a new starter, we will no doubt learn more as training camps progress.


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