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Browns Might Make A Late Run At Garoppolo But Have Little Hope On Acquiring Him

The Browns may make a late run for Garoppolo but they have little to no hope on actually acquiring him. The Patriots don’t have a first or second round pick in the upcoming draft and while there was belief they may try to somehow get a pick in those rounds by trading either Butler or Jimmy G, it seems now as if neither trade may happen.

Reports are that Butler and the Patriots may have reopened talks over a deal and as for Jimmy Garoppolo, well it appears that most teams have pretty much given up on dealing him this offseason to anyone.

They don’t care if it is the Browns, Texans, a team they face every year or a team they face rarely. They simply don’t want to trade someone who they believe is a franchise quarterback. They have Tom Brady and they don’t want to let Jimmy go, but why?

Quite simple, as much as Patriots love Tom Brady and boy do we love Tom Brady…the reality is that he is at that age. He looks like he is 25 years old when he takes that field to play but his performance could go off the cliff at any given moment and it is clear is daylight that the Patriots want Jimmy to be there waiting should that happen.

The Patriots are not yet convinced by Jacoby Brissett which is understandable, he has a lot to learn and Jimmy has been learning from the best for the past few years now. With the age Tom Brady is now, they need a contingency plan in place and ready to go. They may have more faith in Brissett next year and could feel more comfortable with letting Garoppolo go but for now it seems as if he is staying in New England for at least one more year.

There is still time for something to happen but for this offseason it simply seems to be a case of the Patriots aren’t interested and the Browns have given up hope.


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