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The Browns Make Brock Osweiler Available For Trade

I’m starting to really feel for Brock Osweiler, nobody seems to want him and the situation is starting to resemble something along the lines of Tim Tebow all over again. He started out as backup to Manning in Denver on his rookie contract and featured in the 2015 season before being benched towards the end and did not feature in the playoffs.

On March 9th 2016 he signed a four year deal with the Houston Texans however towards the end of the season he had an altercation with Bill O’Brien. The reports indicate that he was upset that the only reason he was being used was because the man who replaced him as a starter, Tom Savage, suffered a concussion.

Apparently, a screaming match between the two turned physical and O’Brien blocked Osweiler from leaving the room, the QB then claimed he was being “held hostage.” On March 9th he was traded to the Browns along with the Texans 2017 sixth round pick and 2018 second round pick in exchange for the Browns 2017 fourth round compensatory pick.

Just after acquiring Osweiler, the Browns have made him available for trade and are reportedly seeking a third round pick for the 26 year old. According to’s Mary Kay Cabot, the Browns would be willing to package Osweiler with a fifth round pick and eat half of his $16 million salary for 2017 to secure a third rounder.

Though there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of demand for Osweiler’s services and several NFL execs say they doubt anyone will give the Browns a third round pick for Osweiler and pay him $8 million per year. The Browns are seeking a quarterback for the future, as a result, it would seem that cutting Osweiler is inevitable.

The Browns officially cut Robert Griffin III on Friday and with Osweiler seemingly set to follow at some point in the near future, it would leave them with just Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan in the QB position on the roster. They do have flexibility with picks in the first round of the upcoming draft, however the QB draft class this year is somewhat thin.

We will find out in due course what the Browns intend on doing but for now it seems that not many teams want Brock Osweiler on their roster.



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