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Browns Hunting For A New Quarterback

The Cleveland Browns are on the hunt for a new quarterback and are considering a trade for Redskins signal caller Kirk Cousins. The Browns traded for Osweiler earlier this month but are not expected to keep him around for long.

They also recently released Robert Griffin III and Ian Rapoport has also tweeted not long ago that they will look to shop Osweiler, see what comes of it and maybe draft a QB too.

Jimmy Garoppolo had been sighted as a potential target, however New England has made it clear that they see him as the future and don’t want to trade him in an ideal world – so the asking price was always going to be high. The Patriots reportedly were holding out for the No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft as well as a first rounder in 2018.

Many fans are crying out and laughing about the price being so high, but that is what you do when you don’t want to trade a player somewhere else. Set a ridiculously high price that sends teams in the other direction. The Browns would be better off leveraging some of their high draft picks for a QB such as Cousins.

Last year, Cousins threw for 4,917 yards, 25 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Sources close to the situation have cited that Cousins would have reservations about being traded to Cleveland. They have been unable to develop a stable quarterback over the past number of years and this offseason they lost their leading wide receiver, Terrelle Pryor who agreed a one year deal with Washington.

Cousins has signed a one year tender and if he does wind up in Cleveland he would have little choice but to make the best of it.


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