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2017 NFL Draft Prospects: Quarterback

The 2017 NFL draft comes in pretty fast after the Super Bowl and at this time in the year many people are putting prospects in and around the same place.

We are going to start with the quarterbacks for this years draft. It is not the strongest quarterback class but at the same time the Browns, 49ers and Bears all hold top picks in the draft and all three could do with strength at the quarterback position.

Here are my top five.

1 DeShone Kizer | Notre Dame | 6′ 4″, 230 lbs.

Kizer is still pretty raw as would be expected but has good height and size which can make a difference in the pocket. He can get out of the pocket and move when he needs to, something which is becoming a staple of quarterbacks now coming out of college. His inconsistent play during his final season will raise some concerns but he has good arm strength and if given time to develop he could be the best QB in the current draft class.


2 Deshaun Watson | Clemson | 6′ 3″, 215 lbs.

Watson is a divisive prospect, he is without doubt an early round prospect and has showing he has an edge in key moments on a big stage. Not as tall or as big as Kizer but he earns rave reviews for leadership skills and unshakable confidence. There are concerns over his turnover woes and inconsistent ball placement but the good outweighs the bad and he has the physical and mental tools to do well in the NFL.


3 Mitch Trubisky | North Carolina | 6′ 3″, 220 lbs.

Trubisky lacks extensive playing experience, he really only has one year of starting experience so far. However he is accurate and talented when it comes to throwing the ball. He is described as an athletic passer with impressive pocket-passing skills. He is not the biggest guy and doesn’t have the strongest arm, somewhat of a mixed bag at times but he is consistent.


4 Brad Kaaya | Miami | 6′ 4″, 215 lbs.

Kaaya has the intelligence and good decision making. He has also shown off his accuracy as he was the most accurate in the State Farm All-Star Football Challenge. He won the contest among several top college quarterbacks in Texas. He hit six stationary targets from different ranges in 19.5 seconds to win.


5 Patrick Mahomes | Texas Tech | 6′ 3″, 215 lbs.

Strongest arm in the current draft class and has shown he can make big plays. However analysts have said that while he is a high ranked QB for the upcoming draft, he is going to have to be given time to adjust to the NFL. That means whoever decides to pick him up in the draft is going to have to be patient and not be looking for QB miracles overnight. He had a solid junior campaign and led the nation in passing, one for a team to pick up and spend time developing.


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