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2017 Draft Prospects: Wide Receiver

Continuing on with out look at some of the top prospects in the upcoming draft we now move on to the wide receiver role. If the numbers are as good as the players this year then there is some top talent in the 2017 WR draft class and some of them could be in a place where they can be a No. 1 receiver for some NFL teams right now.

Lets have a look at five of the top guys entering the draft this year. It is a strong class and I would expect all five players below to be gone in the first round.

1 Mike Williams | Clemson | 6′ 3″, 225 lbs

Williams is a downfield weapon with strength and size to dominate. He is a notch above the others in the class and scouts are expecting him to be dominant. He bounced back from a scary neck injury that cost him pretty much the entire 2015 season but was able to re-establish himself last year as an elite prospect. Lethal in the red zone, expect him to go high up in the draft picks.

2 John Ross | Washington | 5′ 11″, 173 lbs

An explosive deep threat even though he had big injury problems in 2016. We recently reported on here that Ross is also due to have surgery after the Combine. He is small but has the speed which is good for going downfield or if you want to get solid yards after catch. He is one of the fastest names in the class with strong route running skills and the ability to make big plays.

3 Corey Davis | Western Michigan | 6′ 2″, 205 lbs

Davis also has strong route running skills and an ability to make big plays in games. He actually runs routes slightly better than Williams, he is faster but he is not as physical at the catch. Ankle surgery is keeping him out of this years  Combine. Has been compared to Eric Decker and is known to be very competitive with excellent ability to track the ball in the air. He should go in the top fifteen picks.

4 Isaiah Ford | Virginia Tech | 6′ 2″, 195 lbs

Finds himself down on many people’s lists heading towards the draft but I like the look of this guy. He can really stretch the field vertically and although he is a bit lean, he has the height and catch radius with a long striding speed which can catch secondaries out over the top and be a struggle for defenders dealing with his frame. Has everything to be a No. 1 receiver in the NFL.

5 Cooper Kupp | Eastern Washington | 6′ 2″, 205 lbs

Fantastic Senior Bowl performance, dominant and took advantage of his opportunities to shine. A solid frame with reliable hands and good route running. Able to create separation without having elite speed, has all the tools to be a top receiver in the league. Scouts are fond of him both on and off the field with some saying he knows how to be a professional. Been branded up to now as being deceptively fast with very developed route running with comparisons made to Hogan and Edelman.


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